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Author: Wayne Coolidge Jr., M.Ed., CHES

Wayne is a Kinesiology/Health Promotion Specialist consulting in Chronic Disease Prevention, Fitness, and Nutrition. Additional areas of expertise include Functional Fitness, Energy Balance/Weight Control, Public Health, and Paleoanthropology as related to current human health status. He is one of a small number of professionals qualified to consult at the highest levels in the fields of nutrition, nutritional supplementation, sports science, and fitness training. Wayne has earned certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPFT designation) and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (CHES designation). He is a member of Primal Docs, an organization supporting health care practitioners who share the common philosophy that nutrition and movement are the key components in not only treating chronic health problems, but preventing them in the first place. His original corporate health and personal training company, Flex'Time, was based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and is finishing its 25th year of service in the same location (now known as Fit Central). Wayne moved to Alaska to consult for the Fairbanks Athletic Club and to research Paleolithic Anthropology. He transitioned to the Alaska Division of Public Health where he joined the office of Community Health and Emergency Medical Services as the Cardiovascular Health Program Manager. He returned to the Carolinas and created Primal Force, a sports science and fitness training center. Wayne currently dedicates 33 years of knowledge and experience to his position as co-owner and formulator of VITAL SURGE, an anti-aging, vitality-producing nutraceutical. He is the author of “Healthy Dynamic Living: 21st Century Wellness with a Paleolithic Twist” and creator of the Healthy Dynamic Living Initiative, a comprehensive public health–style wellness intervention.
Tree Nuts for Health and Longevity

Tree Nuts for Health and Longevity

Keep whole, raw, unsalted tree nuts available throughout the day for energy and satiety. Scientific evidence touts the health benefits of tree nuts on cardiovascular and brain health. Nuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Both types of fats can improve your cholesterol levels and, more importantly, help to reduce inflammation. Consume between one and two ounces of tree nuts daily. Almonds and walnuts are great choices, but all nuts are beneficial. The caution on tree nuts is the method that…

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