A Lifestyle Regimen to Thrive By

A Lifestyle Regimen to Thrive By

Three primary factors direct the course of human existence in the 21st century. They are: Nutrition (including supplementation), Toxicity, and Physical activity. We must learn to healthfully manage life’s three dominant influences to enable our cells to use water and oxygen, control cellular aging, and promote ultimate wellness. In turn, each factor consists of 3 components that must be “Epigenetically” manipulated to attain optimal health. As you may have learned in part 2 of this 3-part series, through epigenetics, you CAN fool Mother Nature!

Nutrition is the corner stone of healthy human existence. Food is fuel and nutrients sustain life. Nutrition may edge out toxicity and physical activity in importance because you can’t avoid toxic chemicals without careful dietary consideration, nor can you be physically active enough to neutralize a bad diet. A primary function of diet is to provide the necessary nutrients. I simplify it as get the “good stuff” in.  Secondly, keeping the “bad stuff” out of your body is also tremendously important to enhance healthy human performance and prevent disease. Quality, personalized nutritional supplementation has risen to a “must” standard to keep aging in check and the body healthy. It is nearly impossible to get the nutrients necessary through food alone. There are two primary reasons for this. No matter what anyone may tell you, our food simply does not contain the nutrients that it once did. Even if you are eating perfectly and taking good vitamins you are probably not getting the benefits because of the deplorable condition of the typical Americans digestive system. There is a clinically validated means to counter those issues. In fact, only one company owns the rights to a proprietary, clinically validated technology that allows for supplement absorption in 100% of the people 100% of the time. These properties ensure a large amount of nutrients get rapidly and sustain-ably absorbed, even in a digestive system that’s weak or compromised. Unprecedented “Bio-Energetic Nutrition” is only available through products formulated by Victory Nutrition International. Understand that supplement choice must be science driven and may be highly personalized. You must seek advice from a professional to design your supplement regimen.

Toxic chemicals do great damage to our bodies and they gain entry by three main ways. Food is a primary conduit for chemicals to enter the body damaging cells, tissues, organs, and initiating disease. Chemical toxicity from food ranges far beyond the obvious pesticide and herbicide contamination and includes heavy metal and other contaminants. Fortunately, following Healthy Dynamic Living nutritional recommendations will largely solve that issue. Toxic chemicals also enter the body by using everyday products such as cleaners and sanitizers, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products. Environmental toxins (pollution) also attacks the body with chemical assaults causing both physiological and genetic damage. Remember, our ancestors lived in a non-toxic environment except for smoke from fires and possibly exposure to naturally occurring radon gas. Every caution must be observed to reduce the body’s burden from food, house hold, and environmentally derived toxicity.

Physical activity also consists of three factors that will produce healthy cellular aging, wellness, and productive longevity. I’ve always promoted training the musculature for strength and power. It is becoming evident to me that working the muscular system with a comprehensive resistance training regimen is as (or more) important as we age than when we were young. Secondly, physical activity and planned exercise that promotes joint flexibility and overall mobility is a must. The cardio-respiratory system must also be targeted as an invigorating, youth preserving priority. Don’t just train the heart and lungs in the traditional low intensity, long duration style. Training of the higher intensity variety should be undertaken which produces overall vitality like no other method. Walking is still a valued activity and should be undertaken to supplement your physical activity efforts.

Keep these basics in mind as you work to improve your wellness by controlling your cellular aging. Questions regarding healthy lifestyles or questions regarding nutrition, supplementation, or fitness training should be directed to me at wayne@healthydynamicliving.com.

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