Happy Cells, Happy Body: Control Cellular Aging Via Epigenetics to Generate Health and Wellness

Happy Cells, Happy Body: Control Cellular Aging Via Epigenetics to Generate Health and Wellness

Nutritional biochemist, B. Wm. (Bill) Downs, owner of Victory Nutrition International and formulator of many of the world’s most innovative, scientifically validated, and effective nutritional supplements states that “disease results from the cells reduced ability to use oxygen and water.” Bill refers to this life smothering phenomenon as “suffocating cell syndrome.” It makes perfect sense that dysfunction related to the body’s most important molecules will throw a wrench in the works, causing cellular machinery to go hay wire. Damaged metabolism and altered genetic expression among other physiological deficits are a near certain result. Isn’t it a fascinating concept that the success or failure of the cell, which determines the success or failure of the organism, may start, and end with oxygen and water?

When the cell’s machinery goes “hay wire,” a biological process that represents ground zero in determining wellness success is altered and accelerated. That process is cellular aging. How do we manipulate aging at the cellular level to result in “real-life” wellness and longevity improvements? The answer is assuming an “ancestral health”–patterned lifestyle and benefiting from its profound effect on healthy cell function. Our ancestors consumed a nutrient rich, chemical free diet, and, they could not frequent polluted environments, or avoid significant physical activity even if they wanted to. Those were the “human physiology friendly” lifestyle characteristics that our ancestors evolved with. The next question is: What is the mechanism that allows healthy cell aging (via healthy lifestyle management) to result in health, wellness, and productive longevity? It is accomplished by assuming lifestyle characteristics that positively affect the ways that our genes are expressed. That process is called epigenetics. Positive lifestyle choices including Healthy nutrition, comprehensive nutritional supplementation, avoiding toxicities, and physical activity will allow the body to effectively fulfill its genetic mandate.

To guide your body to ultimate health and wellness a functional understanding of epigenetics is a must. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult to understand as you might think. My book “Healthy Dynamic Living: Utilizing Lifestyle Lessons from Your Ancestors to Promote Healthy Aging and Ultimate Wellness,”  explains this process in a little more detail and gives some examples. The word “epigenetic” literally means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence.” For our purposes, it refers to a process that alters gene expression (what we see) without changing the DNA sequence which is “hard wired.” This means that there are forces capable of influencing how a gene expresses itself without changing the genetic material.

The environment and our lifestyle exert an enormous influence on how our genes express themselves. As a human being grows and develops, “pressure” from this interaction causes chemical reactions to activate and deactivate targeted locations on genes. Epigenetics is the study of these chemical reactions and the factors that influence them. Nutrition, nutritional supplementation, toxicity, and physical activity are massive positive and negative epigenetic influencers. Proper, individualized nutritional supplementation plays a significant role in eliciting positive epigenetic influence, while exposure to toxicities will generally exert negative influences.

I define “preventive epigenetics” as using epigenetic fundamentals (essentially lifestyle modifications) in a prevention model to positively influence biological processes. In our case, the biological process to be influenced is the rate of cellular aging. The mechanism allowing all this “good stuff” to happen may ultimately be as simple as giving the body (cells) the opportunity and resources to use water and oxygen effectively. This process is the core agent of change in my Healthy Dynamic Living Initiative. Epigenetic manipulation is the secret weapon in creating ‘happy cells’ and achieving desired health and wellness goals. There it is, Happy Cells, Happy Body.

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