The Critical Relationship Among Lifestyle, Cellular Aging, and Ultimate Wellness:

The Critical Relationship Among Lifestyle, Cellular Aging, and Ultimate Wellness:

Live a more youthful, health infused life! Age gracefully and with vitality by controlling your cellular aging. The key is an ancestral health focused, Healthy Dynamic Living lifestyle. By slowing, and in some cases temporarily reversing your cellular aging with appropriate lifestyle modifications, everything else health and wellness related takes care of itself. That’s not me talking, it’s the science.

I came across an article in late 2013 that set in motion my belief that the key to wellness was controlling cellular aging. Medical science acknowledges that reversing the aging process is an effective means of promoting Health and preventing disease [1]. The years of bio-medical research in which I immersed myself following that revelation served to reinforce that theory. Aging is the result of increasingly less-efficient biochemical reactions in our cells. The human body’s changing physical appearance and diminished physiological capacity are the expression of approximately 37.2 trillion cells slowly dying from oxidation and inflammation [2]. A central and recurring theme in my consulting and teaching is simply this: Healthy behavior affects aging at the cellular level, which, in turn, results in tangible wellness benefits, including productive longevity. The research is crystal clear on this.

This post provides the strategy for attaining ultimate wellness, my work provides the road map. My book “Healthy Dynamic Living: Utilizing Lifestyle Lessons from Your Ancestors to Promote Healthy Aging and Ultimate Wellness,” future blog posts, speaking engagements, and personal consultation will provide the “how” for your wellness journey. The entire Healthy Dynamic Living process is designed to slow and temporarily reverse cellular aging as the most efficient means of attaining ultimate wellness. Has there ever been a more beneficial and exciting example of killing two birds with one stone?

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