The Final Piece!

The Final Piece!

The final piece of a 4 plus year commitment to research, and the creation of a public health styled wellness initiative is now complete. An electronic copy of my book,

“Healthy Dynamic Living: Utilizing Lifestyle Lessons from Your Ancestors to Promote Healthy Aging and Ultimate Wellness,”

is available for free by clicking on the title and proceeding through the shopping process.  You’ll see the cost is $0.00.  The book functions as the text that supports all of my teaching, consulting and lecturing.

There are 3 reasons that this version of the book was created. First, I wanted it available, as well as additional health and wellness content, to the entire world without cost as a limitation. Secondly, this format is linked providing you the opportunity to conveniently purchase fully vetted health and wellness products from the comfort of your own home. Thirdly, offering quality, expertly recommended health and wellness resources for purchase is the way I have chosen to be compensated for years of research, writing, and work. My hope is that many thousands of individuals will benefit from the information currently contained in this text.

My Individualized Lifestyle Assessment and Summary Tool (ILAST) is available as appendix #1 at the end of the book. ILAST is the official lifestyle management tool of Healthy Dynamic Living.  The Tracking Your Success Journal (TYSJ)the official record keeping tool of healthy dynamic living is available on Amazon.

Just as I have consulted thousands of scientific journals to organize the cutting edge science and expert advice you deserve, I have also researched and vetted many hundreds of health, fitness,and wellness related products. I have narrowed them down  to some favorites that I professionally recommend to you. A complete company and product narrative with active links is available in the book as Appendix #2.

I am openly asking you to support me by clicking on, and learning about these products. If they are a fit, you can have them delivered to your door and I’ll receive some compensation. Enjoy and prosper from my gifts to you and please share this blog and the free book link with everyone that you know.

All the Best in Health & Wellness!

Wayne Coolidge Jr


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