Greetings, the road to “Healthy Dynamic Living starts here!

Greetings, the road to “Healthy Dynamic Living starts here!

Welcome to my blog, “Healthy Dynamic Living Community.” My book, “Healthy Dynamic Living: Utilizing Lifestyle Lessons from Your Ancestors to Promote Healthy Aging and Ultimate Wellness,” and this blog, form the core of my Public Health styled wellness initiative. The blog is designed for anybody interested in healthy aging and ultimate wellness.  Join the HDL community where questions are asked, advice is given, and successes are shared. My vision is for the HDL interactive Blog to become an information packed support group for like-minded wellness enthusiasts to share their ideas and stories. Let’s build the strongest Healthy Dynamic Living Lifestyle Community on the web. Benefit from research updates and valuable “insider” information regarding healthy aging and wellness. “Healthier, stronger, longer” is a motto that describes my goal of creating and sharing the blueprint for a long, wellness infused life. Join us!

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– Wayne Coolidge, Jr., M.Ed., CHES

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