Our Partners
Premier Foods Group (PFG) is a family owned, farm to table food company specializing in all-natural meats and wild
caught fish. PFG is the most innovative, healthy, and sustainable source for “clean” proteins that I have identified. Following is a list of
health compromising substances NOT found in PFG foods: No Hormones, No Steroids, No Grains, No Antibiotics, No GMO's, No
Fillers, No Washes, No Dyes No Injections, and No Bleaches. PFG is the rancher, farmer, butcher, processor, and delivery service.
Use code “hdl15” on the order form to receive a 15% discount. They currently hand deliver in North Carolina, South Carolina, and
parts of Tennessee and Virginia. For orders outside the hand delivery area a shipping charge for air mail will be added.
Victory Nutrition International produces Prodovite, the most comprehensive, absorbable, and effective multi vitamin, mineral, and
food extract product available. I’ve witnessed amazing results with their signature supplement, Prodovite, as well as their healthy brain
function supplement, Brain Reward.
For More Information Contact

Wayne Coolidge, Jr., M.Ed., CHES
Phone: 704-657-9520